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An Cafe

Antic Cafe

An Cafe (アンティック-珈琲店-), is a Japanese Oshare Kei band formed in 2003 and signed to the independent label LOOP ASH. The band is composed of five members,which are all male.

An Cafe was formed when Miku, Kanon and Bou found each other through an internet website while searching for people with similar interests. Teruki was not yet a part of the band, although they still released their first demo Oopu-ngu (Ope.ning) on June 17, 2003. Not long after, on July 2nd, they released a second demo called Uzumaki Senshokutai/Hatsukoi. During this time Teruki was in his former band 'Feathers Blue'. After Teruki joined the band, and until mid-April 2007, the line-up for the band had not changed, and consisted of Miku on vocals, Bou on guitar, Kanon on bass, and Teruki on drums.

On official sources the band name has been written in many different ways. The most consistent has been "アンティック-珈琲店-" (antikku -kōhīten-), which appears on all releases and on the official website.

The COSMOS single (released in 2004) had the name written as "ANTIC CAFE" (with "アンティック-珈琲店-" written underneath). All releases since then have had the name written as "AN CAFE" (but still with "アンティック-珈琲店-" written underneath). Due to the amount of material released containing this version of the name it seems as though this is now the preferred choice of the band. Because of it being written アンティック (antikku), it has led many fans to believe that it is "Antique Cafe" and not "Antic Cafe". This is a common misconception, and as numerous interviews state, it is indeed Antic Cafe.

Initially, vocalist Miku believed that the band should be called Athletic Cafe, but a quick search through the dictionary to look up the word "Athletic" the word "Antic" was close to it and the word antic proved to be a much more appropriate name to him and the band.

1763 an-cafe-antic-cafe
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