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Kaida Yuki

Кайда Юки


Дата рождения: 30.11.1974 г.
Место рождения: преф. Токио, Япония

Yuki Kaida (甲斐田 ゆき Kaida Yuki, born November 30) is a Japanese voice actress and radio personality from Tokyo, Japan. Although she has an extensive vocal range, voicing a large variety of characters throughout her career, she is commonly typecasted as young males, achieving mainstream success as her roles in Hunter × Hunter as Kurapika, The Prince of Tennis as Shusuke Fuji, Shōnen Onmyōji as Abe no Masahiro. and Hetalia Axis Powers and Hetalia World Series as China or Yao Wang. She was formerly affiliated with the talent management agency Toritori Office, but is currently freelance.

She holds the distinction of being one of the only Japanese voice actors to have completed their formal education in the United States. Consequently, she speaks multiple languages with varying degrees of fluency outside of Japanese. She is affectionately nicknamed Yukki (ゆっきー?) by her Japanese fans.

She is notably multilingual, competent in French and Chinese, as well as being a fluent English speaker; the latter being evident in her Western education, her interest in Queen and the Chronicles of Narnia, and also by having an all-English speaking role as Angela Burton in Genshiken.] Her other hobbies include watching rakugo, especially Kosanji Yanagiya, and baseball, while she also has a pet dog named Vivian. She is commonly mistaken for her friend and fellow voice actress Yūko Kaida, due to the fact that their names differ by only two characters and one letter in romanization.

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