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Nana Kitade

Нана Китадэ


Дата рождения: 02.05.1987 г.
Место рождения: Саппоро, преф. Хоккайдо, Япония
Рост: 1.60 м.

Nana Kitade, now a J-pop singer was determined to be a singer at a young age devoted herself to piano at age 3. By age 12, she started writing her own lyrics and at 14, she started guitar. After junior high, she moved to Tokyo, the center of music industries in Japan.

Years of patience and hard work paid off in 2002 at the audition for Sony Music where her talent and music abilities were discovered. The following year in October, she recorded her first single, Indelible Sin (Kesenai Tsume) the ending theme for anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist. By then, her songs were featured in television shows and video games giving her music full publicity. By August 2005, her first album, 18-eighteen was released. Following that was her first official concert, swarming with eager fans.

Later came the fashion line of her signature Gothic Lolita look. Nana was soon a fashion icon for teenage girls. Many Nana wannabes (very alike from Namie wannabes) started dressing in her gothic/lolita style. Many teenage girls can be found wearing dark, elaborate, corset dresses, covered in bows, ruffles and lace sporting hats overtop russet hair.

Although her music, hardcore yet at the same time moving the heart of her fans, she's been criticized about her heavy Asian accent since some of her songs do contain English. Many J-pop fans feel that if the artist can speak fluent English without much accent, then they should go for it and feel free to put in as much English as they can into their songs, but many fans and critics think that Nana should just stick to Japanese since the way she puts English into her songs or even the way she speaks in interviews and tapes makes Nana fans and other J-pop lovers cringe.

There is no denying Nana Kitade will have a bright music career. With her style and originality there is no doubt her music will be going no direction but up.

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