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Nightmare originated in Sendai and was originally created by guitarists Sakito and Hitsugi in early January 2000. They were later on joined by Yomi on vocals, Ni~ya on bass and Zennin on drums. However, Zennin left around July and, after Luinspear disbanded, Ruka took on his spot in November.

Nightmare was very productive in their early indies days. Going by the “divide and conquer” rule of survival in the indies world, they went in full force and haven’t slowed down since. Their first tour began in July in the Kansai region and in August, their demo tape, Zange, was released. Their next release was the maxi single Hankouki which contained three songs and an overall violent death metal sound. Released in October by SPEED-DISK, it sold out almost immediately during pre-orders, which called for a second pressing of it the following month.

With the release of their Jiyuu Honpo Tenshi Ranman maxi in February 2002, Nightmare’s style changed slightly. They now had more of a jazzy, rock’n’roll sound that also incorporated a bit of synth. It was very indies sounding, yet very well balanced. Nightmare then appeared on the Matina omnibus Decadence with the song Crash! Nightmare Channel [FM]. They followed up with a tour of Nagoya and Osaka throughout March and April. On August 17th and 18th, Nightmare held a sold out, two day oneman in Takadanobaba AREA and released the single Gaia –Nadir Side- and later Gaia –Zenith Side-. After many more omnibus appearances and oneman lives, the band released their first mini-album, Outlaw, and showed off a slightly more mature version of themselves.

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