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Let Me Hear (2014)
Оригинал песни (ромадзи)
They are born to die
They are born to die
Gonna beat him up,
Gonna beat him up, Right now
Gonna beat him up, Right now
Damn one of them them them are dumb
They are all wrong wrong wrong
Gonna turn (all) you over
Gonna turn (all) you over
You, Just wait and see

Now breath in deeply,
and try take a look at yourself

Your hands to your own chest
Dive into the ocean that is
named as yourself
Is it muddy or not?
Where is the clearest place?
Cuz your everything will be born from here

Yeah, before you...
Admit your sinful self
Take in your sinful self and just get it out
Yeah, before you...
The things you gained by rubbing yourself down
Gazing cleared up self

"Do not blame me"
Oh baby pigs Oh baby pigs
You are blaming things
Don't you notice it?

Hey baby pigs, Hey baby pigs
Hey baby pigs, Hey baby pigs
Oh Yeah

Oh your sticky darkness has brought
in the nightmare like reality
In order to overcome the suffocation
that you cannot get away from
Pick out the lame part of yourself
and beat it up

Dive in once again
into the deep deep bottom of the ocean
Don't give up,
though hard to breathe in and out
Until the ground of the sea named as yourself
Face your real self and stand
When you shake hands, knock "you" out
Oh knock "you" out and
And then give "you" a hug
after you talk it out,
Find trash, treasure,
and love; everything with "you"

Yeah before you...
Find garbage, treasure, and
everything with "you"
Yeah before you...
Your real self is "there"
That's probably why
Источник текста: www.musixmatch.com
9582 abyss
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