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Konoha no Sekai Jijou

Konoha's State of World

Bonus CD 7 (2014)
Оригинал песни (ромадзи)
Konoha no Sekai Jijou
Imi to yume to inochi o atsumete 
Tsukurarete shimatta karada wa 
Owatta inochi o mushikaesu kikairashii 

[Kore wa kare no mukashi no ohanashi] 
Hito hitori wa namida o nagashite 
Mata aitai to tsubuyaita 

Haribote no machi no  shuumatsu jikken wa 
Kinou jiten de yosoudoori  guda guda sugite 
Sono jiten de mou akirameta hou ga ii deshou? 
Tsugi no futari wa  machi no sukima de 
Sonna mizu-iro no  yumemiteta 

Kitai hazure no shasen no saki de 
Chiisana karada wa mata tobichitta 
Nakisakebu shoujo o  mezamenai boku wa miteita 
Byoushin wa susumidasu no o yamete 
Sekai morotomo kuramidasou to suru 
Kono yume wa owaranai 

Imi to yume to jitai o awasete 
Tada tada kangaeteku atama 
"Kono sekai wa douyara sukoshi yabairashii" 

[Kore wa kare to kanojo no ohanashi] 
Tsukurarete shimatta kokoro de wa 
Mou kotoba mo todokanai 

Kareru taiyou no oto  museru entenka no me 
Natsubate shita seken ni  hajikidasareta you na 
Semi no koe ga mou narihibiki hajimete mo 
Yura yura yureru  sukeru karada ja 
Nobashita te mo todokanakute 

Kitai hazure no shikai no saki de 
Byoushin wa fuzakete tachidomatte 
Fumitsubusareru mirai o  hantaishasen de miteita 
Kikai shikake no sekai o nukete 
Konoha no ochiru mirai no fuukei e to 
Kimi no me de 

Warau hizashi wa dokoka ni kiete 
Hachigatsu wa nando demo sugisatte 
"Mata rainen da ne" to waraiau  sonna mirai nara? 
Kitai hazure no sekai no sukima 
Yohou hazure no ame ga futte kita 
Sono toki ni  sono toki ni 

Tatoe mirai ga kakikawatteite mo 
Ano me wa
Источник текста: www.animelyrics.com
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Konoha's State of World
The meanings and dreams and lives amassed together
That went into this body
Seem to make a machine that's jostling an ended life back up.
(This is a tale of his past.)
Each and every one of them are shedding tears
Whispering, "I want to see them again."
The end-all experiment in this paper-mache town
Was proceeding as flaccidly as predicted yesterday.
By then, wouldn't it have been better to give up?
The next two people saw such a pale-blue dream
In a cranny of the town.

Contrary to expectation, at the end of the road
His little body was flung out again.
With my eyes closed, I watched the crying, shouting girl.
The second hand stopped ticking
And tries to blind the whole world with it.
This dream will not end.

The meanings and dreams and circumstances cobbled together
Make a head sunk in endless thought.
"This world appears to be a little dangerous."

(This is a story about him and her.)
With this manufactured heart,
No words have a chance of reaching it anymore.
The sounds of a withering sun
And the sweltering eyes of the blazing flare
Seem like they ejected me into this summer-battered society.
Even if the cicadas already start stridulating
With my wobbling see-through body
My hand won't reach them in time.

Contrary to expectation, at the very end of my sights
The second hand screws around to block my way
As I watch a future become squashed in the oncoming lane.
Pulling me out from this mechanized world
Into a future landscape of falling leaves
With your eyes.

The mocking sunbeams vanished somewhere
August has come and passed again and again.
Would a future in which they laugh to each other
"See you next year" be...?

Contrary to expectation, in a nook of the world
Unforecasted rain poured down to earth.
In that time, in that time...

Even if we can rewrite the futures
Those eyes...
Источник: kagerouproject.wikia.com
Konoha's State of World
Dreaming living thinking dying all stuffed into here
Made to last but surely not last for very long
So they put me back together in a body so I that could see

So we tell his story even if we start at the end
Crying crying just a tear will billow down from her face
"Will I see him again?" as she mutters a bit

Haribote is the city where another test is ending their
A hundred hours were just passing by and killing time then
Really now, 
I think they've had enough I just don't see a real point to this
Then just a boy and girl were dreaming a blue-ish whirl
And leaping their cries until it hit those park trees

Blood dripping everywhere and bowling over fated snare
His tiny body flying out into the street there
Right before her eyes so blinded by the heat and by tears she cried out 
Trapping in cycles never ticking of the second hand
Blinding a world of ever sleeping pacifists so for now
Midsummer night dreams wont come to an end

Dreaming seeing thinking dying all stuffed in my head
Beating beating way too loud in this brain of mine
Don't you think this kind of world is just a little bit too bad for me

So we tell their story even if we start at the end
Trying trying just a heart that never will understand
Such sensitive words will never get through

Another note from the dying sun
Another glare in heated air
I don't know why but this town really seems to burn me up 
along with them
I think they've had enough And even if I heard a cricket cry
With my now fading hand I reach out to pull them back
But their running far ahead it just won't make in time!

Blood dripping everywhere and bowling over fated snare
That ticking second hand is stopping me from helping
Right before my eyes they died and helped to kill such a happy ending 
Breaking me out into a scenery of falling leaves
Leaving behind a world so bent on keeping time but I know
It's all in your eyes

Laughing in the heat has disappeared and gone to elsewhere
And August 14th now is like any other day 
When will "See you later" ever come? I hope they will be smiling on that day.
Fighting away at the fates in such a blinded small town
Pouring down a rain that no one ever thought to see now
And all of the time, and all In that time

Even if we could just go rewrite the future I know
It's all in those eyes
Источник: vk.com
11701 konoha-no-sekai-jijou
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